Look out in this area for a series of 'historical interest'

We are collecting fact and fiction about the last twenty-five years of the existence of this great seniors' organization - PGOSA!  The first of these is a compilation of the SERVING OFFICERS since PGOSA was incorporated in 1992!  Thanks goes to the late Peter Kucey for retaining and providing this record.  You may notice that some years have more than one entry!  We believe the entries are accurate, and that there were some mid-year replacements...  This is a complete record from 1992 until today.


Year  President  Vice-President  Secretary  Treasurer
1992-93 Edwin Bird Hugh MacAulay Peter Kucey Peter Kucey
1993-94 Hugh MacAulay Jack McRae Peter Kucey Peter Kucey
1994-95 Ed Taylor Ron Butler Peter Kucey Peter Kucey
1995-96 Ron Butler Scott Sherriff Peter Kucey Peter Kucey
1996-97 Scott Sherriff Gib Pamplin Elaine Howerton Jerry Flaman
1997-98 Verne Huntley John Thibert Marge Heatley Jerry Flaman
1998-99 Verne Huntley George Sheard Liz Hendricks Colleen Hawes
1999-00 George Sheard Betty Cordiner Joe Ellan Colleen Hawes
2000-00 Betty Cordiner Dick Gratton Joe Ellan Kathy Legrove
2000-01 Dick Gratton Maurice Tieulie Joan Elvy Kathy Legrove
2001-02 Maurice Tieulie Vern Fraser Marion Jesson Bob and Bonnie Reed
2002-03 Vern Fraser Sheila Dale Marion Jesson Bob and Bonnie Reed
2003-04 Sheila Dale Wayne Searle Sandra Dash Rita Young
2004-05 Wayne Searle Frank Radedja Sandra Dash Rita Young
2006 Apr-Jun Doug Bailey Barb Brewer Marion Jesson Rita Young
2006 Jun-Nov Barb Brewer Peter Kucey Marion Jesson Rita Young
2006-07 Nov-Apr Vern Huntley Peter Kucey Marion Jesson Rita Young
2007-08 Jack Verspagen Kim Campbell Shirley Sterlinger Rita Young
2008-09 Kim Campbell Gil Roy Shirley Sterlinger Rita Young
2009-2010 Gil Roy Jeff Cousineau Shirley Sterlinger Rita Young
2010 Apr-Nov Jeff Cousineau Cathleen Critchley Shirley Sterlinger Rita Young
2010-11 Nov-Apr Jeff Cousineau Gordon Ball Shirley Sterlinger Rita Young
2011-12 Peter Kucey Shirley Sterlinger Diane Matsuda Rita Young
2012-13 Peter Kucey Helen Randall Diane Matsuda Neal Wood
2013-14 Brian Ball Martin DeBarros Diane Matsuda Neal Wood
2014-15 Brian Ball Martin DeBarros Janet Johnson Neal Wood
2015-16 Brian Ball Rob Jonas Janet Johnson Neal Wood
2016-17 Rob Jonas Jim Powell Randy White Neal Wood
2017-18 Rob Jonas Jim Powell Randy White Neal Wood
2018-19 Rob Jonas Jim Powell Pat Powell Neal Wood
2019-20 Rob Jonas Jim Powell Pat Powell Keith Goertzen* 
(*Effective May 1)
2020-21 Rob Jonas  Jim Powell Pat Powell Keith Goertzen
 2021-22 vacant  vacant Tony Shaw  Keith Goertzen 
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