History of Seniors' Hockey in Oceanside

The History of Hockey in Oceanside

Peter with Fellow PlayersIt all started in early 1988, Hugh MacAulay asked if he could take a hockey stick onto the Parksville Arena Ice.  Hockey opened the way for the ORIGINAL hockey team of Hugh MacAulay, Dot Robinson, Frank Robertson, Shirly Tilley, Merl Mondorf, Tex Fandy, Baz (bummer) Doran, and Eddie Edwards (in goal).  Hugh MacAulay, now 93, is the only player of nine to be alive today.  Hugh lives in Canmore, Alberta.

1989 brought about the Golden Oldies Hockey Group.  Out of the 'woods' came Howie Meeker, Ed Taylor, Ron Butler, Bill Dalling, Les Mitchell, Ray Therres, John Porter, Bill Novak, Chuck Chestnut, Roy Reber, and the 'young one' - Mike Chestnut.

1990 saw the hockey group to call themselves the Parksville Panters.  Roy Reber was the senior who named the group 'Panters' because they did breathe a lot!

1993 organized Classic One with sixteen teams in action.  Peter Kucey chaired Classic One with Howie Meeker, Ed Bird, Chuck Chestnut and Eddy Taylor.  PGOSA - Parksville Golden Oldies Sports Association sponsored the tournament!


PGOSA History

Look out in this area for a series of 'historical interest'

We are collecting fact and fiction about the last twenty-five years of the existence of this great seniors' organization - PGOSA!  The first of these is a compilation of the SERVING OFFICERS since PGOSA was incorporated in 1992!  Thanks goes to Peter Kucey for retaining and providing this record.   The web team have also created a   pdf PDF that you can download here ! if you would like a 'hard copy'.  You may notice that some years have more than one entry!  This is according to PETER!   AND, PLEASE, if you see any errors, blame PGOSA-PETE!

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