PGOSA has become a little less SOCIAL and more SPORTING!

At least that's what the records tell us.  In the beginning, in 1993, we were entertained with fourteen various 'social' events.  Today we are down to eleven!  These changes have taken place over the past 25 years and it is interesting to see the differences.  Differences too in the more sporting activities ad we have more than doubled the number of sporting events, going from nine to twenty-one!   Thanks to the great ideas of many managers both past and present, we are still enjoying many activities contributing the welfare of us all.  We have a PDF version of the chart that can be pdf downloaded here .  Thanks again to Peter Kucey for providing us with this summary of the past and present.
Events Comparison 1993 2018

Look out in this area for a series of 'historical interest'

We are collecting fact and fiction about the last twenty-five years of the existence of this great seniors' organization - PGOSA!  The first of these is a compilation of the SERVING OFFICERS since PGOSA was incorporated in 1992!  Thanks goes to Peter Kucey for retaining and providing this record.   The web team have also created a   pdf PDF that you can download here ! if you would like a 'hard copy'.  You may notice that some years have more than one entry!  This is according to PETER!   AND, PLEASE, if you see any errors, blame PGOSA-PETE!

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