PSAG Retired Directors

Three dedicated members of PGOSA finally retired from PSAG

Outgoing PSAG directorsParksville is well known for its enthusiastic support of softball/slo-pitch. What is PSAG?  We refer to it as PSAG which translates to Parksville Senior Athletic Group. 
PGOSA enthusiastically supports this activity which is run by PSAG-- a separate association dedicated to running the PGOSA House League teams....a daunting task. At the recent PSAG AGM it was announced that 3 long time Directors were stepping down.....they are (pictured from left to right) Roger Oxley, Gregg Dawe and Martin DeBarros.

All contributed several seasons to the PGOSA-PSAG slo-pitch League and their efforts are applauded and appreciated by everyone.
Roger Oxley retired to Parksville from North Vancouver after a 30 year career as a Locomotive Engineer and Executive for his Union local. He was also a volunteer on the Ski Patrol for over 20 years.

Martin DeBarros spent 36 years with Canada Post before retiring to Parksville in 2010. Martin has a lengthy record of volunteering:- Big Brothers, Canuck Place and here as Vice President of PGOSA and Vice President of PSAG.

Gregg Dawe spent 40 years in Logistics in Alberta and then B.C. He played a lot of sports when younger until work took over. Gregg looked at the beautiful fields in Parksville and decided he had to take up playing ball again and how to get involved locally. Gregg served as President of PSAG for 4 years and also as a Team Captain. Gregg will continue to "pitch in" with PSAG from time to time.
On behalf of the entire Boards of Directors at both PGOSA and PSAG we all wish to say a huge "Thank You" to these gents for their contributions to the local Seniors Slo-Pitch.

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