Ben and Kelly Wallburger

Meet Kelly and Ben Walburger - A father and Son PGOSA team

Kelly and BenBen was here before PGOSA was formed and joined when they began a softball team.  Here's their story in Ben's words.
Ben (85 years young) states he is the only original player left in the PGOSA league, and that he played in the first BC senior games as a member “we got skunked..yet many other times we brought medals home.”
Ben has 15 medals or more, with 2 very dear to his heart, one was winning the "gold" in Port Alberni with a grand slam win over the White Rock team.

However the sun was in the eyes of the right fielder which helped.
The very best one, the one I treasure most, was picked up by the Victoria seniors team, to play in the world senior games,in St George Utah. We brought the gold medal home to Vancouver Island.”
Also that year as far as the senior games committee could recall, my son, [ Kelly], and I were the first father and son, to participate in the games. My dream this year was to play with my son in our own league in Parksville, and today (June 15,2016) we did it!!!
Kelly and I, both were born and raised on a ranch in Southern Alberta. We had a good life, participating in the sports fields, of basketball and softball. Win or lose it did not matter, as what we learned was just to play our best . We played the game, and often were winners , but other times we made others winners.
We worked many years together on the ranch, and also in a stone masonry business.
Kelly was good at sports and especially in the game of basketball. I refereed many games in Alberta, and when it came to his games, I was a wee bit stricter on him , so folks could not say I was showing favouritism . Yes, he complained a bit , but this made him a better player and to this day he has been competitive , honest, and fair in all that he does.
For the past 15 years, Kelly has been in the business of locating underground utilities, as well as teaching others the same. Kelly's group has become Vancouver Islands best locators, well known and well appreciated for their fairness, and honesty.”
PGOSA is proud to have this Father and Son being able to realize the dream of playing ball together. It is just one of so many local stories waiting to be told. If you have a PGOSA story that you feel should be told, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will pursue it with you.

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