Membership Applications

There are different ways to get, or to renew your membership in PGOSA

Due to the RDN's restrictions at Oceanside Place, we will not be able to have the PGOSA table. Check the calendar to see when and where you can obtain or renew your membership.  

  • The current annual fee to be a PGOSA member is only $15.
  • After October 1 the fee is reduced to $5 for the remainder of the year.
  • Over 80: $10.00
  • Over 90: Free 


  • You can also purchase a PGOSA name badge for $5 or a magnetic PGOSA name badge for $7.

To register:

PGOSA Membership Form: This is a fillable form. Once you download the form you can type in your information and the PRINT it.  Please note that we require 1 form per person – not 1 form per couple

Bring the PRINTED and signed application with you to the PGOSA table.


Mail it back to our membership person along with the correct funds.

Important:  If you are mailing your membership application,PLEASE remember to include a Stamped - Self Addressed Envelope with your application so that your membership card can be mailed directly to you. NOTE:  You need to have your PGOSA membership card with you in order to participate in PGOSA activities. (The Group Managers will be checking...)

The mailing address is:
PGOSA Membership Committee
P.O. Box 957
Parksville BC V9P 2G9

A note from PGOSA President, Rob Jonas. September 29, 2017

Effective immediately ALL members will be required to complete and submit an individual registration form, including  a separate form for husbands and wives. This includes ALL 80+ members who wish to stay on the PGOSA membership list. This form is in auto-fill format, so you can just type in the blanks, print out and sign the form and bring it with you when you renew your membership.  This is a huge improvement on our current procedure, provides consent under the law, and indicates if a volunteer role is offered by the member....all done at one time; once a year.  It has been repeatedly pointed out that husbands and wives often maintain separate emails and cell phone listings...hence the requirement for a separate form from each person.

Lastly, we will now actually know how many current and active members we have. This will enable a more accurate Budgetary process for your BOD's.

Membership Cards
It is highly recommended you keep your card with you as the Activity Managers are empowered to ask anyone for their current year's paid-up card. One must be paid up to be eligible for Group Insurance Coverage.  If you cannot prove your status as a member you may be precluded from participating in an Activity (which no one wants) to avoid jeopardizing our Group Insurance coverage.

We are also growing our "Friends of PGOSA" list where discounts are given to PGOSA members in exchange for some publicity via our website and newsletters. So, keep your card with you....using it, even once, at a "Friends" will likely pay for your annual fees by way of cash savings.  If you know of a business that would like to join our Friends list please refer them to me directly; it's a win/win.

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