Got New Ideas!

Members' Chance to Submit Ideas for NEW Events

AT the last Board meeting, discussion revolved around the notion of consulting members to see if there were new programs and events that would be popular with our PGOSA members.  This is your chance to provide your input!  It is intersting how NEW ideas can generate such great programs.  A perfect example of this is the increasingly popular Walking Soccer.  

On this page you are reading, you will find a special form that is designed to help in providing information to the Board members.  Look to the right side of the page where you will be able to 'click' the button "Members' Suggestions".  A special form with magically appear.   The form allows you to choose the person with whom you wish to communicate.   Once complete, click the send button and the submission of your idea(s) will be automatically emailed, and; your suggestion taken to the next Board Meeting for consideration.  If you wish to attend the next board meeting to present your idea, please indicate that on the form.

We look forward to all of our members submissions. 

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