pdf PGOSA Membership Form


PGOSA Membership Form

Here's a convenient way to renew your membership!

We have created a FILLABLE form for our members' convenience.  What this means is that you can 'access' the form by downloading to your computer.  Once you have it on your computer, then using your computer keyboard, you can fill in the details of your membership application.   PLEASE NOTE: The Date of Birth Field requires this parlicular format:  yyyy/mmm/dd!  example:  1900/Jan/01.   If you don't enter this correctly, you will get a TIP on how it should be done.  Once the form is complete, you can 'print it out' on your printer.  The last thing to do in order to complete your applicaiton is add your signature.  Done!

Now you're ready to present it to the Membership team, normally located at the PGOSA Table, in the Wembley Mall.  Use of this ONLINE form will help to save ongoing costs for printing. It will also save work for the Membership Team at the Wembley Mall.  However, if this doesn't work for you, you can still get a paper form at the Wembley Mall, and fill it in there.  The dates for visiting the PGOSA table can be found in our main calendar.

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