By Popular Request - Photo Galleries

camera lensOver the past twelve months, our website has been making some major changes.  The design and development is now stable and we are ready to move on to new features.  During the past year we have been concentrating on making sure that our Members are able to find out about 'events', have a functioning calendar, and be able to download various 'documents'.  In addition, by using focused training sessions, the activities managers are now able to do some of the important work to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of 'posted' information.  Although we already have images 'inside' some of the articles, and of course the slideshows that appear on the site's header, members tell us that the one thing that is missing is a section where a variety of photos can be viewed; we call these galleries.

Well stand by, because the web team along with some of our member photographers are now busy preparing a new feature to display photos in various categories.  The categories that come to mind are the actual events that we all enjoy.  Those are listed under the 'Activities by PGOSA' menu item.  These are the categories that we will use initially.  If there are requests for further categories, we will add them as needed.

The goal is to have members authorized to submit photos for review.  The images will need to be constructed to particular formatting.  We have a  Document that provides specific guidelines for the formal needed in order to make the compatible to web images requirements.  Using the guidelines provided, we can ensure that we have images with consistency in quality and size.  One other factor is the need for various permissions from the owners of the images and the persons depicted on the image.  (PGOSA members give that permission when they join.)  You may want to check out these websites on Photographic Tips, and Composition and Art, they may be helpful for those new to taking pictures.  There are of course dozens of such sites and google will get you there!

What are the parameters that are needed for the PGOSA galleries?  We have created this document:  PHOTO INSTRUCTION PGOSA that gives the specific details for the kind of submissions we are looking for.  Finally, go out and take some shots and ENJOY!


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