Hi there! Hikers...  Welcome to the PGOSA hikers page!

We know you will enjoy meeting your fellow hikers and exploring many of the outstanding trails in our area with our hiking groups.
There are two hikes each week. Our most popular hike is on Thursdays and generally is done on established trails on eastern mid Vancouver Island between the Comox and Cowichan Valleys at a leisurely pace, ending back in town by 5 pm.

Hiking - Trail Hikers Cynthia Robertson 250-468-9324 
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Hiking - Trail Explorers Pamela Tindle 250-752-8349 
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Our more challenging hike is on Tuesdays and may go further afield, often on less defined trails, maybe with significant elevation gains and usually at a quicker pace. Tuesday hikes often don’t return before 5 pm. See Hiking Trips for complete details.

Both hikes should be considered a full day’s outing. Because of expected weather conditions either hike may be moved to a Wednesday with advance notice. We send an email bulletin before each hike to announce its destination and particulars as to length and challenging features, specifying a meeting place and time.
We invite you to try out a single day hike before joining us and recommend you start with Thursday hikes and become familiar with our guidelines for participants. You will be required to sign a waiver at the trip meeting location.
Members’ guests are welcomed as long as they are physically fit, adequately equipped and within the group size limitations. All guests will be required to sign a waiver form at the trip meeting location, as they are not covered by PGOSA membership for liability insurance.
For safety reasons, no dogs are allowed. At times the trails can be narrow and slippery, if dog and hiker are both trying to negotiate a difficult section an accident could happen.
For environmental reasons and because of limited parking at many trailheads, we carpool from our meeting places. All hikers are expected to share in the carpooling so that the same ones are not always driving. The carpool contribution ranges from $5 to $24 per person round trip depending on distance; the rate is posted on the weekly hike bulletin.
We require our hikers to carry an Emergency Information Sheet in an outer pocket of their backpacks in case of an accident that may prevent a hiker from answering important questions about special medical conditions, allergies or who to contact. A copy is available here.
Carry out all litter including organic remains.

We have SIX documents that are important to read for all hikers, you can download them here.  The are as follows:

Thank you for reviewing the PGOSA hiking documents.  See you on the trail!

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