Talking Topics - A new Event PGOSA is now offering

We call this this "Talking Topics".  Basically, we know that many of our members have specific interests that they might like to hear about and to share with fellow members.  This can done by 'creating a session' or by 'suggesting a session' for the members to attend.  Recently there have been sessions on Pet Care, Healthy Foods, Snowbirds, and others.

The best way to do this is to find a topic that would be of interest to our members, and then to find someone willing to deliver the information.  Once this is done, complete the special form called "PGOSA - Talk Topics" and email it to the manager of the program Doug Williams.  It is convenient and easy to do!  The form is a 'fill-able' form with a link that emails it directly to Doug Williams.  (You will have to download the form and open it in Adobe Acrobat for the mail link to work.) From that time that you sent this, Doug contact you and furthermore will deal with the logistics required to host the event.  It is that easy!  Here is a link to the Speaker Suggestion Form for this.   

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