Welcome to the Cycling Page:

PGOSA Cyclists (Advanced) Managers:  Hilda Emery

Phone: (250).468.5779


Intermediate Cyclists Managers: Paul Tinney or Gilles Gratton

Phone: (250) 586-6258 or Phone: (250) 586-5055


Casual Cyclists Managers: Gilles Gratton

Phone: (250) 586-5055

Location:  Oceanside Area
Cost per Game:  This activity is Free of Charge
Your contact person for this activity – click here

Cycling events will be arranged according to many variables such as weather, holidays, etc..

One of the most popular activities for PGOSA.  There are three levels of cycling for our participants:  Advanced, Intermediate and Casual.  Each of these separate activities are managed by three great volunteers. 



Welcome to the Slo Mo Paddling activities

Manager(s):  Joan Knight, Cormack Gates
Phone Numbers: Joan at 250.248.1292 and Cormack at 250.752.1129
Location:  Lakes, Ocean and Rivers around Oceanside
Cost per Game:  All free!
Detailed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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