Membership - The Heart and Soul of a good organization!The members of our Association are the ones making the 'big' decisions!  They do this by engaging in meaningful debate, making decisions, and passing on the reponsiblity to follow up by the duly elected Board of Directors.

Contact us by email to find out more or fill out our convenient membership form and take it to the PGOSA Table.- PGOSA Membership Form.

 "Age is a question of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." 

Satchel Paige.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Succesful people keep moving."

Conrad Hilton. Rob Jonas - President

Keeping our members informed is our aim!  Please contact our webmaster or the President, Rob Jonas, to update any of the activities that you wish to be posted on this site.

We will publish your activities as quickly as possible so that no-one need to miss the opportunities offered.  Check here for the latest PGOSA Chronicle!

Tributes - Peter Kucey

The following tributes have been submitted to PGOSA to honour Peter Kucey.  They will all appear one by one.  You can move the presentation forward by clicking on any one of the discs.  You can also pause any of the tributes by hovering over any as some are longer and require more time to read.  If you want to add to these you can address your kind words to The Chronicle, and we will ensure that they are published with all the others sent to PGOSA.

PGOSA Members' Tributes to Peter Kucey - "PGOSA Pete"

Welcome to the Regular Walking Group activities

Organizer(s): Brenda Fergusson and Inger Weber
Phone: Brenda at 250.951.0223 and Inger at 250.752.0144
Location:  Varies each month
Cost per Outing:  Free
Detailed Contacts Information Link

The walking groups have two sections and the walking events are recorded in the main caldendar.  Below the calendar there is a filter system that allows you to choose which group you would like to review for the events.  The filters are: Easy Walking and Walking Group.  The calendar describes the event for the day, the meeting place and has a map for more information.  There is also a link to the manager of that program.




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