Walking soccer reports a banner season for this year!

Walking SoccerWell, we have now successfully completed the second season of walking (most of the time) soccer.  We have grown and established a very keen core for our regular game turnout on each day…...despite the odd pulled muscle and strained ligament. 

For January, the plan is to continue with two one hour sessions each week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3 o'clock.  The start date will be Tuesday, January 9, running to March 15th.  Fees for the 10 week season will be $50 each,  plus a PGOSA membership for 2018. Works out to $2.50 a session-----cheaper than a Starbucks!

The PGOSA membership desk at the Wembley Mall will open again on Wednesday, January 3, and we will be at the Table on Monday January 8th to take the fees from renewed members. We will be also be accepting drop in payments from PGOSA members of $5 per session. Dropping in will allow members to try out the game, or to join us later in the season if they are travelling or recovering.

Walking Soccer is an ideal co-ed sport for Seniors---NO contact, NO running and NO playing the ball above the shoulders.  And the banter is outstanding! All make for a very fun time with fellow PGOSAns.

NO EXPERIENCE needed!!!! If you canwalk and push a ball with your feet you are qualified. Many of our regulars had never played one bit of Soccer prior to trying out Walking Soccer…..now we can’t get them off the pitch! Just wear a dark shirt and bring a white shirt---for team selection. Sneakers—not cleats---recommended for wearing on the astroturf surface.


Come Join Us!!!



Welcome to the Walking Soccer - Indoors

Organizer(s): Rob Jonas
Phone: 250.797.6130
Location:  Arbutus Meadows
Cost per Season:  $50.00
Drop-in cost for PGOSA members: $5.00

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