Special safety and fitness considerations for paddling, pedalling and hiking

Considering that these activities are not as straightforward as many of the other PGOSA activities, the managers present their specific 'conditions' that apply to each activity.  This is done in order to provide the most meaningful experiences for all those who participate.  There are three experience levels for cycling from easy to advanced.  The paddling activities require a certain amount of suitable paddling equipment, clothing, and safety equipment.  The hiking group is diffferent from the walking groups and there are some conditions that apply with this activity.

Each manager will be presenting an article in this blog section to fully explain and describe the needs of their expertise.  They will be showing their events in a special calendar section on the web that is separate from the main calendar.  You can link to that here at this LINK. 

Hi there! Hikers...  Welcome to the PGOSA hikers page!

We know you will enjoy meeting your fellow hikers and exploring many of the outstanding trails in our area with our hiking groups.
There are two hikes each week. Our most popular hike is on Thursdays and generally is done on established trails on eastern mid Vancouver Island between the Comox and Cowichan Valleys at a leisurely pace, ending back in town by 5 pm.

Welcome to the PGOSA Cycling Page with Important Information!

Casual Cycling: Leader: Gilles Gratton (250) 586-5055 res. (250) 240-5055 cell
Intermediate Cycling: Paul Tinney (250) 586-6258 & Gilles Gratton (250) 586-5055
PGOSA Cyclists (Advanced): Leader: Hilda Emery (250) 468-5779

There are three levels of PGOSA Cycling. Each ride is 2-3 hours long with a stop at a coffee shop during the ride.

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