Walking soccer reports a banner season for this year!

Walking SoccerWell, we have successfully completed the first season of walking (most of the time) soccer….so this is a recap of the season and plans for next year.  We seem to have established a regular game turnout on each day…...despite the odd pulled muscle and strained ligament. The game rules kindly developed by Len have largely worked out well and we are pretty comfortable with following them. 

A big thanks to Rob Jonas of the PGOSA Board for being such a strong supporter.

For January, the current plan is to continue with two one hour sessions each week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3 o'clock.  The start date will be Tuesday, January 17, running to the end of March.  Fees for the season will be $45 each, based on the players who have indicated they are ready to sign on, plus a PGOSA membership for 2017.

The PGOSA membership desk at the Wembley Mall will open again on Monday, January 16, so we should plan to drop in and make our payment before the first game.  In addition to the season ticket, we will be accepting drop in payments from PGOSA members of $5 per session, as well. This will allow members to try out the game, or to join us later in the season if they are travelling or recovering..  I’ll send out a reminder a week or so before the start date. I’ll be out of the country from December 23 to January 9, so may not respond if there are enquiries in that time.

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