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Satchel Paige.

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Conrad Hilton. Rob Jonas - President

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Walking Soccer

So, what is Walking Soccer?

Walking Soccer 19 27Walking soccer is a way of playing soccer that keeps all of the enjoyment but allows older or physically challenged players to keep playing. The key difference is that instead of running, players must walk.
This version of soccer was developed a few years ago in Great Britain. It is played extensively, with several hundred groups involved.  Walking doesn’t mean slow, though. It is a challenging game which is a great workout and lots of fun. Players still pass, dribble, shoot, and score.  But one foot must be on the ground at all times. A referee and other players will spot those moving too fast…then that player simply loses the ball, which is given to the other team.

How is it played?


Walking Soccer 8 9

Walking soccer follows most of the same rules as standard soccer. The field has goals at each end and it uses the same ball.  The field is shorter, and is played with teams of up to six a side. Instead of throw ins, balls are kicked in. Our version of the game does not allow balls to be kicked over shoulder height, to limit the impact on heads.
The net size is also reduced, and the goalkeeper has a semi circular area in which only the goalkeeper can play.

What is it like to play?


Very much like regular soccer, in terms of ball control and passing, but without the field length runs and headers. The hardest aspect to become used to is walking; it’s hard not to 'chase' that ball!

Do I need to know how to play regular soccer?

No, it’s an easy game to pick up at the basic level; if you can kick and walk, you can play. Many players have, of course, played soccer and have varying levels of skill, but we try to make everyone welcome and part of the team.

Do I need to be in great shape?

Walking soccer will get you back into shape. Start slowly, hydrate, stretch and listen to your body. Everyone’s fitness level is different, so play or walk at your level to minimize the risk.

Who is this game for?

Walking Soccer 9 10Walking soccer is designed primarily for those over 55 years of age; it is co-ed and is played during the afternoons, so may not suit those working during the day. While it helps to have a certain level of fitness, many if not most of our players have physical limitations, ranging from replacement knees and hips to bad backs. Just those changes that come with lots of years. But this does not stop everyone playing

Where can I find out more?

Drop by our regular playing session sat Arbutus Meadows on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 3 pm, or contact and the activity coordinators identified on the site - you can then use the convenient contact form.

Here is a link to the video clip was originally produced by the CTV Island News Channel featuring our PGOSA members enjoying a game of Walking Soccer! CLICK HERE!

Two more Videos from Shaw Cable:

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