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A message from the President, May 22, 2020

Hi Folks---I hope everyone is still staying safe and well.

You may have heard that a targeted and slow reopening began this week from the BC State of Emergency. This is Phase One of the Reopening, Phase Two of the provincial response, and there will be many more announcements upcoming.

We are monitoring daily updates from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) who has delegated sports organization management to ViaSport BC. Parksville/Qualicum Beach and the RDN will be following their lead on the reopening of sports facilities. We have received written guidance from our Insurer that there is NO Insurance coverage for CV-19 and that PGOSA is expected to adhere to Provincial Guidelines.

The PHO also announced yesterday (May 21) that a second wave of the pandemic is inevitable and likely to hit us in the Fall, if not sooner.

So, any reopening may very likely be of a short term nature.

We are all anxious to get back to our Activities but we MUST put our health and safety first

Please note--the authorization to re-open activities comes from your duly elected Board of Directors---NOT from the Activity manager or the Affiliate group Manager. No Activity may re-open without Board Approval.

Your Board's sole focus is Member Health and Safety....we will follow the Provincial guidelines--and to comply we need to have on hand safety guidelines for each Activity.

Activity Managers should put in place a safety plan and submit it to me asap for Board consideration. I have received some plans already----key considerations are distancing, are masks needed, number of attendees (must be under 50 in number) etc.

Some will be quite easy ---ie walking, cycling,---others will be more complicated---ie slo-pitch, ice hockey, volleyball.....but get your plan together and send it in asap.

Here is a partial transcript from last week on Phase 1 of the reopening (as it affects us). The entire transcript can be found at

Q: Are individuals over the age of 50 permitted to participate in organized sports?
A: Older adults are considered a vulnerable population and are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Those at increased risk due to compromised immune systems should not take part in recreational or sport activities. However, it is up to the individual to understand their risks and make a decision about whether or not to participate. As a sport organization if you are planning programming for older adults you will need to ensure that health guidelines are being followed and look for further ways to mitigate risk, such as smaller group sizes and specific time slots for this population group.

Watch this space for updates----on a personal note, I cannot physically reply to inquiries from membership but will communicate through our newsletter as things unfold.

Thanks......more to come as things develop.....until then, stay safe and well.


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