Membership - The Heart and Soul of a good organization!The members of our Association are the ones making the 'big' decisions!  They do this by engaging in meaningful debate, making decisions, and passing on the reponsiblity to follow up by the duly elected Board of Directors.

Contact us by email to find out more or fill out our convenient membership form and take it to the PGOSA Table.- PGOSA Membership Form.

 "Age is a question of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." 

Satchel Paige.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Succesful people keep moving."

Conrad Hilton. Rob Jonas - President

Keeping our members informed is our aim!  Please contact our webmaster or the President, Rob Jonas, to update any of the activities that you wish to be posted on this site.

We will publish your activities as quickly as possible so that no-one need to miss the opportunities offered.  Check here for the latest PGOSA Chronicle!

WHY PGOSA?  Here are some GREAT reasons

Community:  PGOSA just celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2018. We are the largest Seniors Activity Group in the Mid Island Region with the majority of members from the Parksville, Qualicum Beach area but several hundred members from Courtenay to Ladysmith.
Activities:  PGOSA has an endorsed group of Social and Sporting Activities that run year round. There is always an activity to attend as a PGOSA member.  We also now run slopitch all Fall and Winter indoors at the Arbutus meadows Arena in Nanoose. I was happy to organize and run the first Walking Soccer League in Canada. We play year round. At Arbutus meadows from September to end of March and in the Community Park thru the summer where members may play for FREE.
Insurance:  PGOSA spends almost half of its annual membership fee revenues on Group Insurance for its endorsed activities. Despite every effort at Safety, we still incur the odd fall or broken tooth etc…..PGOSA Insurance covers you provided your membership is current.
Subsidies:  PGOSA gives back to its groups through subsidies...your membership fees get put to use directly.
Value: Our annual membership fee is $15.00 currently. As stated, most of those funds cover Group Insurance and Activity subsidies.
Discounts for Members:  PGOSA has organized a “Friends of PGOSA” program where PGOSAns receive from 10-25% discounts from numerous local merchants. With one or two purchases from our “Friends”, PGOSAns can easily cover their $15.00 annual fees. In fact, one could say that people should join PGOSA if only to SAVE MONEY!
Active Directors: We currently have very hard-working Directors and many more long-time Activity Managers who have given years of support to PGOSA.  Events are organized extremely well and Volunteers are always welcomed to pitch in a wee bit.
Fellowship: With 1200+ members locally there are loads of friendships, connections, networking opportunities etc from within the PGOSA membership base. Events are always fun with lots of chatter and banter.
State of the Art Communications: we provide all members with 2 newsletters monthly to keep them informed on current information and there is a website at that provides a Calendar of all events, how to get there etc. All Activities have a page with Contacts, location, costs etc. Our Insurance Policy, Policies and Bylaws are all posted for members to peruse. We have dedicated Editors and Webmasters in place and the sites are kept up to date.
Summary:  PGOSA is a terrific opportunity for local Seniors to get out with their peers or colleagues and participate in safe, insured activities that are organized for them. If you live in the Mid_Vanisle Region and are 55 or over, there are many, many good reasons why you should join PGOSA.

Rob Jonas

PGOSA President

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