Membership - The Heart and Soul of a good organization!
The members of our Association are the ones making the 'big' decisions!  They do this by engaging in meaningful debate, making decisions, and passing on the reponsiblity to follow up by the duly elected Board of Directors.

Contact us by email to find out more. You can renew at the PGOSA Table (see the dates and times here). PGOSA Membership Form.  Or get your membership online!  So convenient!

Keeping our members informed is our aim!  Please contact our webmaster to input or update any of the activities that you wish to be posted on this site.

We will publish your activities as quickly as possible so that no-one need miss the opportunities offered.  Check here for the latest PGOSA Chronicle!

Your Board of Directors - Elected July, 2021

At the Annual General Meeting of July 22, elections were held for officers and directors for PGOSA.  All of the Board Members were returned to the board by acclamation.  There were two positions that were vacated:  President and Vice-President.  Here is the list of Board Members as approved by the membership:

  • President:  Vacant
  • Vice-President:  Vacant
  • Treasurer: Keith Goertzen
  • Secretary:  Tony Shaw
  • Past President:  Rob Jonas

    Board Members at Large:
  • Jim Powell
  • Hugh Mitchell
  • Doug Willams
  • Rodney Arnold


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