Today is - Friday 30th - September 2016
The Annual General Meeting for the PSAG Slo-pitch league will be held on 


at the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre (Windsor Room)

PGOSA president's Message AGM-September 22,2016

I would like to start my message with some "Thank You's" Thank you to Janet Johnson who has stepped down after several years as our Secretary. I would also like to thank the Executive---both the existing members and the Acting members who stepped up for PGOSA upon Brian Ball's sudden passing this past April. Special Thanks to Randy White and Greg Rehill who spent countless hours on the Arbutus Meadows Winter Sports Campaign and ,Greg, who is taking our website to the next level.....and beyond.
When we look at the highlights of the past few months, we see..........
1) PGOSA Profiles. This new feature shows us how many amazing stories exist within our membership. Please don't hesitate to submit a Profile and a clear picture to the President's link on the PGOSA website. We have opened up a relatioship with the PQB news and they are delighted to run our Profiles and then we highlight them on our website.
2) PGOSA Day in Parksville. In working with City Hall and the Mayor's Office, we were able to get "PGOSA Day" officially declared on June 28th This tied in with the hugely successful Annual Picnic that was organized by Marg Porter and the Singles Club. The Mayor officially opened the event, the Ramblers played their hearts out and we had almost 225 attendees--more than double the number from 2015.
3)Arbutus Meadows----starting with Walking Soccer and then, thanks to Randy White's efforts, we now offer 5 Summer Sports in Winter for our PGOSA members. Almost 200 have signed up already. This has been a huge undertaking to organize.....and it looks like once the growing pains subside, we have ourselves a winner.
4) RDN--- we continue our relationship with the RDN. Once again, we are supporting their Active Aging Campaign with Pickleball demos and a cycling tour....we thank Jim Cunningham and Giles Gratton for their leadership on those events.

The main message today is Volunteering. When we look at our Profiles, we can see that we have been blessed with some amazingly dedicated volunteers who have literally given years of their lives to PGOSA. In talking with City Hall,the RDN, the PQB News and even the Newcomers Club, everyone is seeing a big drop off in Volunteerism locally. The Newcomers are actually running a Volunteer Fair in October to try to engage more Volunteers. Make no mistake, Volunteers are the lifeblood of most Non-Profits. Without them, things just do not happen!
We currently have a die-hard group of about 50 volunteers. That small group allows almost 1300 members to just pay their annual dues and attend events-----with everything done for them. When you look at how much that small and dedicated group accomplishes-----month after month; year after year---imagine if we had just 100 volunteers---which would still only be about 8% of our current membership. Imagine what we could accomplish if members volunteered for just ONE activity a year. Well, in order to keep the large number of events we currently enjoy the time to imagine a PGOSA Volunteer Force is past----it needs to actually happen...we need more members to step up.
We will be creating very shortly a Volunteer Squad---ideally, just to take on one activity a year, assist the Activity Manager etc. We will create a sign up sheet on our website and circulate it to everyone who has an email....just the same as we did for the Arbutus Meadows Campaign. Our new web service is going to play a bigger and bigger part of our Communications process. members are reminded to ensure that "MailChimp" is not blocked on their computer as that would prevent the emails from comming to you. With our new website, Winter Sports Campaigns at Arbutus Meadows, increased cooperation from City Hall, the PQB News, the RDN etc. the next year looks awesome for PGOSA. So, let's all look to take one piece of the pie per year and we can make the day to day running of PGOSA so much easier. Thank You.

Arbutus Meadows

Sign Up Here

signup is closing on Oct 1

Regular sessions Tuesday's and Thursday's 2pm to 4pm

Contact Email Randy White for Slo-pitch, track, lawn games
Contact Email Rob Jonas for Men's and Women's Walking Soccer

Walking Soccer

Regional District of Nanaimo

RDN Recreation and Parks

The RDN supports PGOSA, it's members and the philosophy of

Be Active - Be Involved

Find out what's happening in our area - CLICK HERE to visit the RDN recreation website

RDN Active Living Guide
The fall season for PGOSA curling will begin on Thursday, October 6th at 11:15and run for 10 weeks until December 15th
PGOSA's Thrusday morning Curling program will begin on October 13th, 2016
PGOSA's Tuesday evening Pickleball program will begin on October 11th, 2016

Ladies Luncheon will be held at Quality Inn at the Bayside Restaurant.

On Tuesday at Noon, October 18th. Order off the Menu. Please sign up at Pgosa table or call Doris at 248-8889 by Sunday 16th


Shelley Goertzen (PGOSAN) at the Americas Masters Games

Read the complete story go to the PGOSA Profiles


October Sunday Breakfast

October 16th, at the Quality Resort Bayside in Parksville, at 9:30 am. map

You will be ordering off of the menu! Sign up at the Oceanside Arena for a reservation, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 9:00 to 11:00 am,

Contact me at 250-248-3983 or email me at

Please have your reservations in by 12:00 on Friday, the 14th of October, as I must have the final count into the restaurant in advance.

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